Welcome to Timeless Girl. This is my personal blog or to say with other words seeing my dream come true. Instead of talking about how I get the idea to start the blog I would like to tell you a story. I am sure that you will like it a lot and read it to the end. So, let me start. Once upon a time, there was a girl who lost her dream. She didn’t have enough courage to go against the whole world to make it true. She tried. Yes, she tried a lot of times, but nothing happened. She was so lonely and desperate and the only thing that she can do was letting it go. She wrote a letter to her dream to say sorry because she didn’t have enough courage to fight for it. And she let it go. Days passed, years passed and she grew up in a beautiful woman. She graduated in college and made her family proud of her. But, she wasn’t happy. Her eyes weren’t full of passion like they used to be. Her heart was broken. Her soul was empty. She was so desperate and lonely. Many times, late in the evening she was calling her dream lost and left long ago to come back. But there was no answer. Only silence. Until one day. Beautiful and proud as she always was, she met one man. And they two falls in love at the same moment. Like the whole new universe was made just for two of them. They were so happy and full of passion. And the best thing that was happening was completing each other and making the best of each one. He found his perfect job and tried to help his woman to find her lost dream. He gave her strength and courage to make it come true and fill her soul with hope and love. It wasn’t easy at all. But in the end, the dream came. Actually, she carried it all the time deep in the soul but she can’t find it. That day she tried to find out how can make it true. And the decision came at the right moment. “I can make my personal blog and do what I always dream about to do – writing!”. She made a lot of research, study and learn a lot of new things and one day she complete it. The blog is named “Timeless Girl”. She gave that name because of the beauty of life which is timeless, because of her lifestyle which is also timeless and because of her writing. She wanted to last forever. That’s why timeless become her favorite word. Now, they two live together and happy with dreams coming true all the time. Working together, with love for the job they do. And make their life timeless. This is their story but there is no end. Because the main story is starting now. Welcome to Timeless Girl. Welcome to my life. Welcome to this magical place, where you can be yourself. The place where you can find happiness in little things. Magic in every word and sentence. Love on every page. Because life is beautiful, and it feels so good to be alive!

With Love,

Timeless Girl

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