Tower Of London is protected by six ravens, guarded by a special They are a symbol of tradition, and all six ravens have a different color of tape, tied to the leg. People know about this tradition and no one attacks them. It’s the opposite, people love them and take a lot of pictures. Ravens are very famous and they get used to the public attention. It’s believed that if the Ravens go away, the country will be gone too. This is the real tradition, do you agree?

Free entrance to the museum, public events, cultural and historical monuments is something that London has. In many other cities, you should pay a lot of money to visit all interesting places, but not here. British Museum, National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Tate Gallery, Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, London Museum, Wallace Collection are totally free to visit. Also, you can take as many pictures as you want, but turn the flash off, because it’s the only thing that is not allowed. But, I think this is not a problem at all.

Underground railway is the best transport for every person. Of course, you can have a taxi and pay a little fortune, but the railway is more interesting. You are meeting a lot of people, you see the other side of this beautiful city and you are not alone. Also, you can use a bus, but remember, there is a button that needed to push every time you want to get off somewhere. So, keep it simple and take an underground railway.

Street art is something that you don’t want to miss. Like every other city in Europe, London has music talents on the streets, artists, talented singers and so many another kind of creative Likely, people recognize the talents and give them a chance. The happy story has Rob Falsini, discovered on the streets of London, and now a famous singer with three albums trough back and successful career. So, it’s good to try, don’t you think?

Hyde Park is a home to so many animals. Starting from parrots from “The African Queen” movie, who was released back in 1951 and found the perfect conditions to multiply and stay there, to foxes at night who are regular guests of the streets and parks, to all the birds, special species, and still undiscovered beauties.

Yoga is very popular in Europe, but what do you think about Yoga on 42 meters over the river Thames. I think it’s spectacular, and most of the people share my opinion because all the classes are taken and the popularity is on the highest level now!

London citizens and employers are very kind people. Also, very serious about their work and disciplined. Because of the huge number of tourists, the lines for a ticket can be very long, and sometimes you will have to wait a few hours to visit one place. Of course, the entrance is free, but there are people who care about tourists and who are going to tell you when to come, which line to take, what else you should do while waiting, and take complete care about you!

And the last thing I wanted to share with you. London is famous for pubs! You can drink beer, playing games, eat the famous “fish and chips”, and feel like at home. People come, enjoy and forget even for a moment for the rest of the world!

I hope you like my interesting article about London. I also hope that these are unique things that happen only there. And I think I fell in love! London, here I come!

For more interesting pictures see the next pages of this article! Thank you for reading!

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