I believe all people have problems with their metabolism even once in their lifetime. It’s so hard to make it work again regularly and always on time, but it’s not impossible. Problems with metabolism are like a new age disease that in some cases end up tragically. To protect ourselves, to protect our body, and to let it work correctly, we should choose a little help.

For example, start with drinking a lot of water, eating more healthy, do regular exercise and sleep well. Don’t take too seriously anything that happens in life, because problems come and go, but the stress never really leaves us. In case it attacks our body and our mind, physically and mentally. For those who want to help and get better with their metabolism, I am giving you suggestion of three homemade drinks, which I hope will help you like they have helped me a lot!

One apple, cut it in slices and drop it in a bottle of 300 ml water. After resting one hour, this two ingredients will make a beautiful juice, an apple juice. Add a few spoons of cinnamon and let it rest a few hours more. When everything will be perfectly combined, you can start consuming it. As you know, an apple contains a lot of fibers, cinnamon is a true magic and when everything comes together it’s a perfect booster for your metabolism. Drink it before going to sleep.

The other combination is to mix water and cinnamon. Then to add honey. As you already know, honey is an ingredient that helps to reproduce the tissue. It also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. This drink should be drink in the morning and in the evening too.

When we don’t want to use an apple or honey, of course, there is also one more drink that I am going to suggest you. It’s a mix of water, cinnamon, and the spice kefir. Be sure to mix everything perfectly. Drink two times a day and start feeling how your metabolism is doing the work correctly and on time.

So, which one you are going to try?

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