Coffee is something special for me. I have made every cup with a lot of love. Even in the restaurant or a bar, I wanted to be prepared with passion. It’s the only way to drink the best of that dark ingredient. Like a coffee lover, sometimes, I enjoy playing with tastes. My favorite coffee is Irish, because of the strong taste, creamy texture and hard smell. But, I use to drink it not so often, because of the Jameson inside. It’s not good to start the day with alcoholic coffee.So, I used to drink a dark, black, clear coffee the most. I like espresso. Sometimes it’s good to add some milk, brown sugar or cinnamon. But, just the way it is – it’s the best way to drink it! Always! Today I would like to talk about how special coffee used to make vegans! I really appreciate them, because they also live healthily, and to our biggest surprise, the food that they prepare is maybe more delicious than the traditional one. So, here is the most famous recipe for a vegan and healthy coffee. Try it and fell in love immediately!

Ingredients required:

2 tablespoons instant coffee powder

2 tablespoons of almond milk or soybean

2 tablespoons of sugar (it can be changed to taste)

 Method of preparation:

Prepare all the ingredients first, and then in a small pot, in a medium fire, heat the milk together with the sugar. Mix until the milk is warm and the sugar does not melt. Turn off the stove and then add the coffee. Mix until you get the combination mixture. Beat it in a glass and serve. For a better look, sprinkle a bit of coffee powder at the top.

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