If you want to know where is Santa, you should call the President of United States or The First Lady! They were settled down in the resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Actually, before two days on 26th of December, The First Lady Melania, and President Donald Trump, answered a lot of phone calls, from the children around the world, to track down Santa and to express their wishes. It was really an interesting evening.

And the whole attention, once again ladies and gentlemen, took the First Lady. She was stunning Lady in Red. Wearing an elegant red creation and impressive footwear by Manolo Blahnik. Also, The Christmas portrait of President and The First Lady looks incredible.

And after all these beautiful things they have done in 2017, for the people, for the country, and for their family, how can you not love them so much! America is Great Again! Do you agree?


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