I would like to explain how beautiful this planet is, but after seeing these pictures, I was left speechless! This is everything. This is the end of all other explanations. It’s hard to believe how human is connected with Mother Nature in such a unique, special connection. In every picture, a human is almost invisible, like he/she has grown up in the middle of nowhere and perfectly fits with every picture. I am not going to take your time anymore because words are not enough at all. Just keep looking and left yourself with mouth wide open. I hope you will enjoy. Thank you for reading!

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2 thoughts on “The most STUNNING PICTURES captured in 2017!”

    1. Yes. You can see in my posts that at the end of the articles I usually write “photos are from…”. I sometimes find it hard to find out who took the pictures, because I searched the Google, and many other pages with free stock photos. I am sorry if I offend you or I took some of your pictures without giving credit. Please tell me which picture is yours and give me your contact to tag you or I will delete the picture if you want. The choice is yours! I am so sorry!

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