How much water should I drink during one day and night? This is the most asked question around the world. Many people don’t understand the need for a human body and they are confused. In this article, I am going to explain you everything you must know. First of all, a human body is 80% water.

We get up in the morning, drink coffee, have breakfast and go to work or school or college. We have obligations and almost a half day we are out of the home. Walking, running and working is a very difficult process and we need the whole body. The organs work, the brain work and our body lose water. That’s why we need to drink it and put it back in the body. Most of the time we feel dehydrated, it’s because of a lack of water. We need it a lot. After getting home we prepare lunch or dinner, we go to the gym or we do a lot of activities at home. But, the body still needs water. Even in the evening, when we sleep, the brain is still working and the body needs the 80% full water to keep doing the work great.

So, to be sure that we help our body, and drink enough water, there are two pictures of a man and a woman and a table of how much water we should drink. It depends on our weight and nothing else. See do you complete your obligation every day. Also, if you drink too much water over the limit, that’s not good at all. Drink just enough, on the limit. Don’t make any troubles and difficulties to your body. And don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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