Coconut oil is a gift from heaven. Everybody love this product. It can be used in beauty treatments, healthy lifestyle,  sports smoothies and drinks and be prepared in so many different ways. It’s not very expensive, and I think everyone can allow to buy it once. Coconut oil has huge benefits. I never thought this product can do such a great things. But, also coconut oil can cause some damage if you don’t use it properly or you use it too much. For example, there are some mistakes that everybody makes in the usage of this oil. Today, we will talk about them and how to solve this problem. Since coconut oil is our favorite product, we must learn to use it properly and take out the best of it.

The Mistake Number 1: You apply coconut oil straight to your face

If your skin is greasy and prone to producing sebum, do not use coconut oil. It can burn the pores, or cause mites and pimples. The exception is the person with a pronounced dry skin, which quickly and simply absorbs the oil.

Mistake Number 2: You remove the makeup without washing the oil

Do you use coconut oil to clean your make-up? Apply a small amount of cotton to clean your face? All this is fine until you make a catastrophic mistake, that is, do not wash the rest of the oil from the face. The rest of the oil combined with fine makeup remnants will clog your pores and the skin will not be able to breathe.

Mistake Number 3: You are buying the wrong product

The only natural cold-pressed coconut oil has good fatty acids that we love. Read the label on the packaging well. The actual oil is liquid at a warm temperature, while it turns into the strong product in colder place and at lower temperatures.

Mistake Number 4: You use coconut oil as a hair mask

At least once, we all have tried this out. If you have expressed oily and stubborn hair, feel free to continue, but all individuals with fine and gentle hair should avoid coconut oil. The problem is created when washing the same thing, where an extremely large amount of shampoo for the hair is needed to wash the oil, and this creates the opposite effect.

The next time you use coconut oil, think about the mistakes and don’t do it again! Protect yourself and let the coconut oil give the best by properly using it! Thank you for reading. Like Timeless Girl on Facebook, because she always cares for you!

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