Tom Steyer continue to pay a lot of money for campaigns against President Trump. In Times Square, New York, you can see billboards, posters, and pictures, calling for “impeachment for President Trump”. There is also a website left when you can sign up and give your signature AGAINST PRESIDENT! Until now, Tom succeeds to get over 2.6 million signatures in just one month. Thanks to this advertising campaign, for which he paid millions and millions, he gets in touch with people and also got their signature.

“We set up some big Times Square billboards calling for President’s replacement. We think this is an important question posed to the American people, for which no one is being taken, even though the same opinion is shared by a majority of Americans “- said, Steyer

This is not the first and the last time for Steyer to spend a lot of money against President Trump. He is convinced that signatures will be enough to influence on Congress and made a faster decision of impeachment. Seyer thinks that many Americans support him and he will continue with advertising campaigns. Money is not a problem obviously, but HOW MUCH HE WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE AND GET WHAT HE WANT? Is it possible for one man to change the decision of Congress only by advertising campaign?

We will see what happens! Stay with Timeless Girl, DON’T MISS THE NEWS!

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