George Soros’ plan is likely to never be realized. Trump is still the winner in the presidential election, is still the 45th president of America, and Soros loses his value! His assumptions and threats fell into the water! Who is the winner now, Mr. Soros?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that George Soros’s investment fund sold its stake in Apple and Snap in the final quarter, shrinking its stake in other tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. According to reports, its fund sold 1700 shares of Apple and 1.55 million shares of Snap. He also reduced his stake in Twitter for 5700 shares, while still holding 18,400 shares of this social media. Facebook still has 109,451 shares. At the same time, the Soros Fund increased by 99,000 shares from Microsoft and 2500 shares from Amazon.

On the other hand, the other billionaire and investor Warren Buffett, who holds the Berkshire Hatva company and has almost four times increased its stake in the company Apple earlier this year. According to SEC reports in the third quarter, his company also crashed Apple’s stock records, raising its stake in iPhone production from 3.9 million to 134.1 million shares.

According to this NEWS, after Soros sell the most of his funds, the companies also started losing some of the clients and also fall in stocks!

George Soros has pledged to Trump that he will experience a failure in the election, and then a collapse of the US stock market and the bankruptcy of giant corporations in America. After this informations, once again the people will ask, Who is the winner now, Mr.Soros?

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