In a world of FASHION, there are no RULES! Especially for the most famous women in the world. The First one is beautiful and stunning MELANIA TRUMP and the second one is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton They are both, important, powerful and very smart ladies. They both give the best of them for family and society. And what is the most important, they both look FASHIONABLE, MODERN and SOPHISTICATED always!

What I found interesting is their almost identical taste in fashion. They both love the same colors, wear the same models, choose the same outfits for public showing and events. They are both young and beautiful and until now, everything suits them looking perfect!

I will show you a few pictures showing their great style and almost identical combinations! They love blue, all shades of green, red, deep violet, some new creations of famous designers, and of course shoes-stilettos! They both wear their hair long in most of the time. They both don’t need so much makeup, and they always make the right choice.

Kate Middleton is gorgeous, and FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP made America proud of having her! And looking back in history, they both look alike Jackie Kennedy! She also had great style and taste in fashion! DO YOU AGREE?


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