Long ago she learned one important thing. That she can’t hide. She can’t run. She can’t just disappear like nobody is watching. Because it’s not always about her. It’s not always about her feelings or her life. Sometimes, it’s about another side. Other people. Other feelings. It was hard. It was so hard to understand and to explain how to be strong enough to handle all of this. But in the end, she learned. And the feeling was so good. For the first time in life, she felt free, she felt passion. She felt like she is on the top of the highest mountain. And everything was so peaceful and stunning. She was alone. But, she was happy. There weren’t his angry eyes around anymore. There wasn’t his voice around who only yell and scream. There weren’t tears in her eyes.  She closes her eyes and began to remember. It was a rainy day when she decided to left. Big rainy drops were falling down and knocked on the roof. She came home, wet and disappointed. She was crying and heavy breading. She looked around. Under the bed was an old outfitted suitcase. She took it, opened it and started packing all of her staff. She left everything else like photos, furniture, pillows. The only thing that she didn’t want to leave was an old book from her family. You know, long ago they died in a car crash. And she was all alone in this world. A few years ago she met him, but after pain and rainy days, she didn’t saw something beautiful all these years. She wasn’t happy. And the whole time, she taught that she is the one that must be better. She is the one that must improve herself. And this day, she finally finds out. He is the one that is not deserving her. And she is a strong, independent, and beautiful woman. She had a heart. She had feelings. She had a life! And she knows how to appreciate it. Without looking back, she left that apartment, that building, and that city. Forever. She is sitting now far away in the mountain, writing a book. There is one stranger who is bringing her coffee. Oh, no! He is not a stranger. He is her husband. Oh, and she is so big. No, she is not fat. She is pregnant. And soon the baby will come. There is so much love in this house. There is so much feeling like. Like a home! And they are happy! She finally finds out! It’s not always about her. It’s the right moments. The right decisions. The right people in our lives. And the one that she left that day, is still alone hiding and run in his apartment. Watching every night the raindrops on the seeling. But, empty and heartless. And that’s how she will end up too if he stayed there. That’s why you always have to know that there is another side too. There is another life too. And there is no reason to stay somewhere where you don’t belong. And you will know what is the right path for you! Always! Just like she…

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