In the previous articles, we talked about the beauty of Canada! And we all agree that this is so beautiful country with so many places to go. Natural beauty is around every corner of the state, and Canada is one of the places that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Then, we continue with exploring and present the most beautiful National Parks in Canada! I said that my favorite one is Banff! And in this article, I would like to continue the trip around this beautiful country by presenting the most beautiful bars. This is for all the people around the world. And please, visit at least 5 of them, and you will want to stay here forever! Canada, we love you!

Banff Ave Brewing Co.

Bar Chef

Le Saint Sulpice

NWT Brewing Company

The Canadian Brewhouse

The Horseshoe Tavern

The Keefer Bar

The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse

The Roof Lounge

The Roost Social House

The Storm Crow Tavern

Union Local 613


photos are by Google Images best bars in Canada



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