Every park that is used for conservation purposes is a National Park. It’s an area with wild world, special species of plants or animals, or just unique beauty from Mother Nature. There are so many beautiful National Parks around the world. But, the most beautiful are placed in the United States. In every country there, the government and the people take so much care about their national treasure. And they are truly happy for having a piece of heaven. Visiting the National Parks is not a problem. But, we must be aware to take care of everything that we see and try not to ruin the beauty with our behavior. In the last article, we have talked about Canada as a country, and the most beautiful places to visit there. But, today I would like to continue the trip in this loving country by visiting the National Parks. I think it was 47 around the country, but I will give you a list of top 10 National Parks in Canada! It’s a piece of heaven you surely want to visit and take it in your heart forever!

Banff National Park

Bic National Park

Elk Island National Park

Fundy National Park

Gleacer National Park

Jasper National Park

Point Pelee National Park

Prince Albert National Park

Riding Mountain National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park

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