In my first articles, I wrote about Timeless Books. I was talking about the importance and value that these books have. And how great is to save the history of one book, the original smell of white papers and the shiny color of the covers. For book lovers, every single page is important. And every book is like a magic. It comes exactly at the right moment, wakes up the deepest feelings from the soul and takes you anywhere. It makes you dream. It makes you feel alive. That’s why the book is something magical. You can’t see me in this moment, but my eyes are shining and I am trying to write it down the whole passion and love from my heart, to come closer to every reader. Inspired by my thoughts, I wanted to make a list of all the reasons why you should become a book lover. And why you must enter the world of books. The world of magic!



  1. Reading keeps your brain in a good shape. It makes you think about situations, people, places which stimulates the brain work and keep it busy.
  2. You put new words every day in your dictionary and that is a good thing because you will be smarter with the richest dictionary, which allows you to communicate on every topic.
  3. Developing the analytical skills.
  4. Improving concentrations.
  5. When you read a book, the blood pressure decreases, because the body’s stress levels are
  6. Improving imagination.
  7. You make the world better place.
  8. Reading a book means distracting from everyday pressure, stress, and painful situation.
  9. Books can take you anywhere in the world. While reading you travel a lot with your mind and even for a moment you feel free.
  10. Books + you +your mind is an infinite It means the whole new universe. It means a world full of love, passion, and freedom.

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