I was so close of forgetting her. Or, I just think I was. I don’t know. It’s late in the night and I am sitting at the bar alone. Drinking my whiskey so lonely and desperate. Smoking my last cigarette for today. My mind can’t focus on other things. I just lost myself in a hurry to forget you. And I can’t find myself again. It’s so strange. How can this happen? I was so sure that I can live without you. I throw away all the things that you gave me and I was having a lot of girls around me all the time. My music completes me. I was a rock star going from one city to another, having good times and making memories. My life was perfect. Until one day. I woke up and there was only silence. I was shaken by shivers all over my body. And I felt it. The emptiness inside me. The pain in my soul. A deep darkness. There was nothing left, except one picture on the bottom of my soul. A picture of your face. I didn’t know where was I or who am I. I only knew about you. I looked around and saw faces. A man. A woman. None of them looked familiar. Just like shadows they were passing by. I get my clothes on and left the hotel room. I needed a fresh air. Lighting up the cigarette reminds me of how beautiful my life was with you. You were the one who wakes me up with a big cup of coffee. You listened to my songs and make me feel like a star. You! My little sunshine. My blue sky on a rainy day. My moon in the night and my love for the whole life. I remembered everything. Those eyes full of passion, lips full of love and soul full of innocence. Oh, girl how can I made such a mistake! I never mean to hurt you. I was so stupid, just like every macho man who thinks he can live without a girl. No man, you can’t. Trust me. It will hurt you so much until you bleed. And you can’t even move with that pain. And what now? She is far away from here, and I am drunk and alone sitting in a bar. “Call her”! My heart says. I was thinking about that little voice inside myself long ago. I finished the cigarette and pay to the barmen. I needed a fresh air. Walking on the street late at night, alone and feeling as a stranger in this world, I felt so alone. And I was looking around all the way, I don’t know what I was looking for but nothing was found. Until a few blocks away. I saw familiar eyes. Suddenly I recognize them. Those were her eyes. Full with passion. She was in front of me. And give me a smile. Once again, for the second time in my life, I fell in love with this woman!

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