One day, he will come to you. It will be magical and perfect at the same time. Don’t expect flowers. Instead of that, he will come with the whole new universe in his hands, holding it just for you. His eyes will shine because of the love and inside beauty that he has in his soul. And from the deepest place in that creature, he will love you since the first moment. His voice will calm you down every time he speaks. He is the one that will come with all the stars in the sky and bring them so close to you, that you can talk to them every night. And the moon. It will shine so close to your window every night, and you will become her new lady to care about. This man will come in that special moment and the little butterflies will start flying inside your body. As you get to know each other better, the love will grow every single moment. He will be the one that wakes you up early in the morning just to hear your voice. And the last one before you goes to sleep. During the day he will send you a hundred messages to know that you are okay. His expressions of love will not always be “I love you”. Instead of that, he will ask you “Did you eat something or what do you have for breakfast”,”How was your day”, “Are you cold”, “What can I do for you”, “Don’t worry I am here for you”. This man will hold your hand and present you to his friends and family. He will come to the theatre with you, even if he likes more to watch movies on cinema. This man will go with you to the concert even if he has to wake up early in the morning next day. He will listen to your favorite songs. He will prepare food for you. He will make you coffee. And he will love you unconditionally. This man will make you a better person and helps you to make your dreams come true. He will not laugh at you because you want to read books or talking for hours about something that he doesn’t like. One day he will propose you. You will become his better half. You will start living together. It will be beautiful and calm, but sometimes you will get mad at each other because of unpaid bills or because he forgot to buy something from the market. But, when you get in bed before sleeping, he will always come at your side to say “sorry”. Then, the kids will come. You will be proud parents of as many children as you want. And when they will grow up, you will be older. And one day, you will sit together on a beach near the ocean and watch your album with so many pictures of your life. And you will laugh. As much as you can. Louder and louder. And you will be happy. And as I promised you. He will never leave you. Look next to him on that beach holding your hand and looking at you like the first moment when he came with this whole universe in his hands instead of flowers. This will be your perfect man. This will be your love. One day he will come to you. And stay forever. And it only happens once in a lifetime. But you will know. I promise you!

Dedicated to my perfect man. When you read this, you will know!

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