Can you think about one answer of this question? I can’t. There are so many things that make me happy. Sometimes we don’t even think about them, because these things are little, and sometimes we can’t even notice the moment when they have happened. But it’s happening. Happiness is around us all the time. It depends on our point of view. Always! I don’t demand that life can be hard sometimes, but I also don’t demand that our own happiness depends only on us. I can only tell you, what makes me happy and how I am seeing happiness in my life. I made a list with 30 THINGS THAT MAKES ME HAPPY! And here it is.

  1. Life is happiness. It’s the most beautiful gift that was given to us.
  2. Morning coffee. A big cup of strong, black coffee. And that little peaceful moment in the morning while drinking it.
  3. Delicious food prepared by ourselves or in the restaurant. That’s happiness.
  4. My favorite drink on Saturday night.
  5. The nearest pub to hang out with friends or just sit alone during the day and forget about the rest of the world.
  6. Doing the job from your dreams.
  7. Getting promotion.
  8. The first day of school and last day of graduation.
  9. Going to concerts.
  10. Playing our song on the radio.
  11. Meeting new people.
  12. Celebrate an old friendship.
  13. Hugs.
  14. Watching movies, going to the theatre or reading a book.
  15. New haircut.
  16. Shopping and giving the old clothes to charity.
  17. Chocolate.
  18. Late at night watching the stars and the moon.
  19. To love and to be loved.
  20. Sharing and giving.
  21. Getting inspired and motivated every day.
  22. A little child.
  23. Becoming parents.
  24. Getting married.
  25. Started living alone or with your partner.
  26. Taking care of your family.
  27. The smile of a stranger.
  28. That little peaceful feeling inside my soul.
  29. Travelling and making memories.
  30. Love.


And what makes you happy? Can you give me the answer?

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